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Friday, April 2, 2010

Energizer Night Race 2010

Whew! I actually made it. I actually finished the 10km Energizer night race run. I've had my moments of doubt, infact I wasn't sure whether I should go through with it.

I ran the first 2km (I know, I'm as surprised as you are!) I have never been able to ran 2km non-stop, not even during I was fit. Its just seeing all these other people ran with such an ease motivates me. Of course, after the 2km, I was alternating between jogging and brisk walking.

As I reach the 5km mark, I started thinking to myself that I can actually do this, its not that hard anyway. I kept a steady pace and I felt elated throughout the way. Even though I know that my sister was wayyyyy in front of me, that didn't dampen my spirit. I was determined to go through with this.

My spirit began to falter at 8km mark. I was heavily panting and the only thing that kept me going was sheer willpower (plus a whole jesting and shitload that I KNOW I'LL GET from dear hubby and friends). I try to amuse myself with lots of things.

I remember thinking how I could gloat and boast if I actually finish. I thought of Sara and imagined the moment where I would recite this story to her. I looked at other people and then I caught a glance of this one particular guy who was steadily running and he was wearing a black shorts. It was night time, but I could see clearly because of all the lights. There's nothing interesting about the guy except the fact that HE WAS DRENCHED with sweat so bad, he looks like he peed in his pants. Eughhh!! *no more looking at other people*

The last kilometer was a real challenge. When the secretariat tells all of us, "1km! 1km more!" I looked at the poor guy and screamed "Seriously??!! I thought I only have 200m more! Arrgghhh!" I'm such a bad sport. Anyways, I finished my race at 1 hour and twenty minutes. Not a very good time but considering I didn't undergo proper training and I only have 2 session of jogging for the whole month, I think actually finishing the 10km is an accomplishment on its own.

I can proudly say, I know I am a lot of things, but quitter ain't one of them! *woot*woot*


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