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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mother-daughter drama episode 2 : Don't Hit People!

So, the little kid has learned something new, hitting people on the face! Gahhhh! Makes me sooooo mad! I know that some people may think that I'm such a tyrant for getting mad at her, but I believe that with Sara, I can afford to be that way. You see, she understands that I forbid her to do so (hitting people on the face) but still, she does it regularly. Especially to Cik Ngah.

The first few time she hit people (including me) in the face, I'd just go like "Sara, don't hit people in the face. It's not nice and it hurts. Ok?" with patience. When she keeps on doing it, my patience starts to wear thin, so I'd say (with more stern voice) "Sara, don't hit people! How many times Mummy have to tell you! Not nice!" (notice the punctuation?)

She even hits her Nenek on the face without no apparent reason. So, my reflex reaction took control over me and I hit her on the back. Not hard, but I know she felt it. And, she didn't cry, she didn't even shed one tear. I immediately regretted my action and thought to myself that this is not the way to discipline her.

All of us (me, hubby, Nenek, Cik Su, Cik Ngah except for Atuk of course!) have taken turns advising her that in the end resorted to yelling at her each time she hit people. Until one day, we sort of ganged up on her and did not talk or play with her at all because she hits Cik Su and Cik Ngah.

We acted really solid that time, we didn't even look at her. She came over to us (we were in front of the TV, she was playing on her own), nudge us but we maintained our facade. We started saying things like "Don't want to friend with Sara. You hit Cik Su and Cik Ngah" She goes off to amuse herself as if what we said didn't matter to her.

About 10 minutes after that, she came over to us again, and suddenly laugh her cute little laughter (complete with covering her mouth like we do, when we laugh) and clapping her hand, trying to be funny. At first, we tried to maintain our angry face, but who can resist, right? When a cute little kid is trying to make peace, its just too charming and we laugh right along with her.

I ask her nicely "Sara, salam Cik Su. Say sorry. Salam Cik Ngah too. Say sorry to everybody" She walked to Cik Su and Cik Ngah, grabbed their hands and goes emm-mmaahhh. She even kisses everybody on the cheek. Huh, pandai betul ambik hati.

And as usual, the fight is over. For now. ;)

Pic has nothing to do with the story. I was just inspired by her to put up Sara's naked photos.


.Dd LaLa. said...

i pinched my son really hard last nite which i regreted later. if sara hits people's face, idris bites people especially our back. just imagine the pain kena gigit with his sharp teeth.

kalau dah banyak kali dan kena plak tang tempat sensitive, who could tahan with it?

pHatMuMMy said...

did he cry (when u pinched him?) what makes me instantly regret hitting sara on the back is not because i regret causing her pain, its because i saw the defiance in her face, the flash of anger in her eyes...

susah jugak jadik mak ni...eheheheh

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