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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cuppy Cakesey

My venture into the cupcake business started in March 2008. I was determined, I was focused and I was driven. A good friend ordered 1000 cuppies as her wedding favour and I was all excited. I bought all the necessary stuffs, began perfecting my methods and recipe. Boy, I was like the master baker at home. But then, slowly I begin to realize I HATED the smell of butter. I CAN'T STAND IT. It makes me gag and just the thought of creaming butter with sugar makes me want to throw up.

Yup, apparently being pregnant does that to you. But, what was I to do with all the butter, sugar, flour and cocoa?? And besides, I promise I'd make her wedding favours. Luckily, I have a very supportive family and a very wonderful sister who took two days off to help me. Even my dad helped out by piping the icing on the cupcakes. Sorry, no pics, I lost all my pics due to some stupid robbers who broke into our house and stole my hubby's laptop, digital camera, PS2 and MY WEDDING RING! Two days of baking reduced me into a very pitiful state, I lost count of how many times I puked. But, still we managed to deliver all 1000 cupcakes as promised.

After that episode, I thought I was cured from all the cupcake nausea. But boy, was I wrong. I gag even at the sound of my trustworthy mixer. I can't even smell butter, heck I can't even say the word butter or cupcake without gagging. Once, I had to decorate cupcakes for my sister's office, I had her bake all the cupcake and put the icing into the piping bag. All that was left for me to do is decorate the cupcake with the ready-made icing bag. But, just one whiff of the buttery smell of the buttercream icing sent me running to the toilet, gagging and puking.

After giving birth, I was lazy hesitant to start baking again. But, I really wanted to give cupcakes as Sara's cukur jambul favours. So, I braced myself and made 100 individual cupcakes. Since then, I've started venturing into the magical world of cupcakes again, but with not so much enthusiasm as before. I've only taken orders from friends, families, office colleagues and friends of friends.

My pricing is fairly moderate. I charge RM30++ for one box of cupcake (25 small cuppies or 16 large cuppies). If my memory serves me right, I have been taking about 30+ orders since I gave birth. Not much, but enough to make me love baking again. I especially love making orders for cukur jambul ceremony. I love making cute booties for cupcakes and baby designs are just too cute.

The reason for this loonnggg post? Well, after much thought, I decided to share the cupcake story here, as part of my achievement in life (yes, I do count baking cupcakes as an achievement. Haha!) I love how a small tiny cake can ignite such a magical response from my clients. These are the only pictures I have as I ALWAYS forgot to snap them before delivering them to my clients.

engagement favours and hantaran for this lovely bride-to-be

cukur jambul cuppies. my favourite kind of cupcakes :)


mummy said...

At last!!
You should have done this entry ages ago.:)

Meh ramai-ramai tempah cupcake!!

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