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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The other bird

I can't believe I forgot to share this story. This happened around 1 month ago. I was upstairs and shamelessly eavesdropping on Sara and her grandparents outside. All of them were in the lawn, watching the stray cat and soaking up the morning sun. Coincidentally, there was a raven chirping really loud that morning.

Sara has already been making a few animal sound such as yeowwww for cat, woo woo woo for dog and teet teet teet for bird. So, she was completely and utterly captivated by the sound of this very different bird. She even does the aak aak aak sound; just like the raven.

So, a few days after that, on a whim I casually asked her "Sara, how the bird sound?" And she answered "Teet teet teet". I asked again "How the dog sound?". She says "Woo woo woo". I asked "How the cat sound?" and she said "Yeeoooowwww".

I waited a few second and asked her "How THE OTHER bird sound?" She looked at me, bemused, and said with complete confidence "Aak aak aak". Genius!

And oh! New words this week is "More!" if she wants more food or water and "Nisshh" for finish (whatever it is that she's currently doing).


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