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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sara : 11 months

Okay, this is an overdue post, Sara is almost 1 year old. Yikes. How time flies!!! Actually, she can walk on her own already. BUT, I still say that she can't because she can't seem to stand up on her own. We need to prop her into standing position and there she goes, walking like nobody's business. Heh, lazyBUM. After we came back from Melbourne, she has developed some kind of attitude change AND IT WAS NOT GOOD. It feels like the terrible two phase has arrived early. She wanted to be held ALL THE TIME, she cried for no reason, she refuses to eat, she doesn't finish her milk, her toilet training has gone haywire and OH MY GOD, she consumes soooo much energy from me and my mum.

When she recovered her health, she still have the mood swing attitude where everything is wrong to her. Until one day (last Saturday, I think), she had food poisoning. Again. Gahhh!!! Bad Mommy!!! But, the silver lining this time is she's back to her normal happy self. Yeay!!! She eats as usual, loves playing peek-a-boo and finishes her 200ml milk. Double yeay!!!

She's quite her daddy's daughter and her Nenek's grandchild. Reason : she can said Nenek and Babah perfectly. For some reason, she also can said Kakak perfectly.

She has four teeth now, two upper teeth and two bottom teeth. However, we constantly have to remind her to chew on her food because she'll just swallow everything without chewing.

She still hasn't reach 10kgs yet and she's getting thinner, no thanks to the flu. But, she got so tall, I have buy pants and skirts for size 3 years old. Ha!

Oh, and she is such a scaredy cat, she's afraid of almost everything. Haha! Okay, fine, she got that from me. ;p Our usual dialog will go something like this:

Mummy : Sara, see that cat? Bad cat. Mummy is scared. Are you scared?
Sara : (with big round eyes clasping her hand to her chest) SCAREDDDDDD.....

Oh, she can "salam" people now. And, if u ask real nice, she might give you a peck in the cheek as well ;)


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