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Friday, December 11, 2009

The Amazing Race Season 15

I am an avid watcher of The Amazing Race. I have been watching it since season 1 and it is my most favourite reality tv series. Usually, my favourite team are family team (Nancy & Emily, Lena & Kristy) or couples with functional relationship (Rob & Amber, Kris & Jon).

This season which ended last Monday was a bit of a let down to me. None of the teams were memorable, and Sam and Dan are the worst stupid jerk on the show. And Meghan and Cheyne winning? No surprises there. However, watching the season finale makes me wonder how wil I be like if I were to join The Amazing Race. More importantly, who would I choose for a partner? Hee, God knows I'm not such an easy person to get along with, especially under stressful environment.

I will definitely not enter this kind of competition with dear hubby. I do love him dearly, BUT we will butt head over the slightest thing. Me + Hubby = combustible arguments. Heh. My list of choices includes:

1) My sister Yanie for her sense of direction
2) My sister Yana for her compatibility with me in MOST aspects
3) Mama Idraki for her mad driving skills ;)
4) Mummy Allysha for her problem solving skills
5) Ikmal for his ability to comprehend and assess a situation ;p
6) Kak El for her dependability and TOUGHness
7) Abg Mi for his dare devil and athleticity
8) En Pian for his uncanny ability of thinking WAYYYY outside the box
9) Cik Piza for her analytical thinking
10) Combination of Haris (for his level headedness) and Aril (for his funny bone..hihi)

Now, if only I can find such a person that has all the above attribute and who is willing to travel with a big headed-always need to be right-egotistical-will get angry if not fed properly woman, please call. We can go for The Amazing Race Asia together!!! Ha..ha..ha


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