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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Trip to down under Part 2

So, there goes two days of our holiday thanks to the malicious Melbourne weather. We didn't even get to see Che Su's graduation day :(

It seems such a waste traveling all this way just to fall sick. So, we braced ourselves and went shopping. The night before, me and my mum stayed awake (well, my mum mostly) taking care of Sara. On Thursday, we went to DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) in Essendon. The prices are quite reasonable, although lots of clothing are cheaper in Malaysia during sale. My mom initially wanted to buy Corelle or Corningware sets but forgo that intention seeing the prices. She said its cheaper in Langkawi. Heh.
On Friday, since both of us are feeling better, so we went to Victoria market to get some souvenirs. This time, although the weather was quite warm, I layered Sara with three layers of clothing. I bought Sara and Babah matching sweaters so that they can jog together. Haha! As if that's going to happen ;p
gambar selingan : doing the "Yana" smile ;p

I'm also very impressed with Melbourne's map. The streets, although rather complicated, are easy to navigate. (TIP for using a map - I will tilt the map according to the road I am on, so that there will be no confusion when turning left or right. Works everytime. Haha)

On Saturday, we decided to have a picnic in a park nearby. Initially, we wanted to go see some kangaroos or any other animal but we weren't feeling up to it. We took lots of photos and this is my favourite photo of Sara.
All in all, the trip to Melbourne was not all fun because we were sick and we didn't even get to see Che Su's graduation. To Yana, congratulations!! I hereby consent you taking 1 month off doing nothing. You know you EARNED it. Love you to bits!!!
Nota kaki : Setibanya kami di Malaysia, mata Sara yang layu dan kuyu terus menjadi segar diiringi senyuman yang memekar di bibirnya yang mungil. Saya dan adik saya serta-merta berkata "Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik di negeri sendiri". Saya sayang Malaysia. ;)


Piza said...

haha i like the part when u 3 did yana smile...and also sara buat her smile tu...can adults do that? (terkucil bibir aku)

Haryana Sidin said...

eventhough i love melbourne and will be really sad having to leave it soon..i'm glad that i'm leaving it for malaysia.
where all the foods are halal, cheap and delicious and where the weather is always predictable.hehe..kan along?
malaysia is the place to be!
Tanah tumpahnya darahkuuuuu
Rakyat hidupppp
Bersatu daaaannn majuuuuu
Rahmat bahgiaaaaaa
Tuhan kurniakaaaannn
Raja kitaaaaaa
Selamat bertakhtaaaaaaaaaaa

*clap clap* patriotism is oozing from my fingernails as i type this.hahahaha

lagi 3minggu!!!woot woot!

pHatMuMMy said...

melbourne - where u have to have a medical card in order to get consultation from the doc and the doc had the gall to say to my face that "same goes if we go to ur country" bluekkkk!!! at least in malaysia, u can get medical service at almost any clinic with affordable prices. bluekkkk!!!

and after one week in melbourne, i came back with a renewed sense of patriotism. apa lagi yana yg dekat EMPAT tahun kat sana...gile patriotik sehhhhhh!!!! haha.

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