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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trip to down under Part 1

The plan was to see Che Su's big day. No, not her wedding...her graduation day ;) We flew to Melbourne on Sunday afternoon. I made sure Sara had her lunch before boarding the flight and we tire her with some serious playtime in the airport to get her sleeping when we took off. The plan worked ;)

I booked the seat online to make sure I can use the baby bassinet. Little did I know my baby was actually a tad too big for the bassinet. Well, she did sleep soundly in it though.In terms of flying with AirAsia, they certainly have leaps and bounds to improve especially on the customer relation part. Even the basic rule such as smiling to your customers was not obeyed by the stewardess. I'd definitely travel with MAS from now on.

Sara was such a good baby in the plane. She even looked at a toddler who is crying and gave him a look that says "This is how you should behave in a flight. Stop torturing others with your endless crying" Okay, fine, Mummy said that, not her innocent little angel. ;p

We arrived in Melbourne at 1am and was greeted by the breezing cold weather. We passed through immigration and custom with no problem (I anticipated one as I had to bring along Sara's fm).
Believe it or not, first thing we did when we arrive! None of us had dinner yet, so we were kind of famished. We had a hot dinner (I meant that literally because dear Nenek put too much chilli in the nasi goreng) and fell asleep minutes later.

We woke up around 10am Australian time which is 3 hours earlier than our time which makes me a morning person. Yeay!!

The agenda today was to take graduation photos at RMIT studios. Basically, a very relaxed and non stressful activity. Che Su said that its going to be a hot day, only her HOT means COLD TO THE BONES in Malaysian language. I guess she did live here too long. We were gritting our teeth throughout the day.
We had lunch at an Indonesian restaurant, then head home. During the night, Sara felt a little feverish. I felt fine, so I thought it was just the body trying to adjust. HOWEVER, when both of us woke up in the morning, everyone was sick, except for Nenek and Cik Ngah.

Day 2 : Mummy and Sara is down with fever in the down under. Pardon the pun ;p. Will be continued in Part 2.


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