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Monday, January 4, 2010

Bukit Gambang Waterpark - Get Wet, Stay Cool

What better way to end 2009 than a splash at the pool? With that in mind, me, hubby and Sara went for a splash at Bukit Gambang Waterpark on Saturday.

The weather has been very fickle that day. First it rained non-stop until 11.00 am. We almost cancel our trip. Then, a ray of sunlight appears and we decided just to go through with it. Throughout the way (it took us almost 1 hour to reach the place from MIL's house), the weather change is incomprehensible. One minute it rained, another kilometer or so, its bright as a summer's day. Gahhhh!!!

We arrived aroung 12ish, and man! The place is crowded like a warehouse sale. Hubby bought the e-value ticket for himself (RM50.00) and entrance ticket for me (RM19.90). We had to buy a tube for Sara and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the shop boasts very competitive prices. The shirts were around RM8.90 to RM22.90 and other stuffs were moderately priced. Unlike some other ridiculously overpriced souvenir shop ;p

The first thing that happened when we reached to the man-made beach was.... I fell flat on my bum. Ha! I was carrying Sara at the time and eventhough it was funny (me falling down) BUT we were greatly relieved that Sara was okay. Seems that I fell in quite a slow motion and I managed to put Sara safely on the hut first. We quickly composed ourselves into a more dignified position (i.e me, standing up, brushing the mud on my bum!) and changed into bathing suits.

Despite my fear that Sara would be SCARED as she usually is, she was enjoying herself to the max. She waded the pool using her tube until her little feet couldn't touch the base. That girl has no fear, I tell you. :)

We stop to eat and again I was pleasantly surprised by the price and variety of food they serve. Since the waterpark uses cashless concept, we paid using hubby e-value ticket. We had regular sized pizza and chicken chop for less than RM20. Wayyyyy valuable than other places *cough*ayerkerohwaterpark*cough*

Having said that, don't expect too much of the slides and pools in Bukit Gambang Waterpark. It is still undergoing its construction and right now, the waterpark has only five areas (I think) and no thrilling slides like other waterpark. For an infant like Sara, she's having the time of her life and that happy face of hers makes up for everything we have to endure (especially Mummy's sore back)
Sara sleeping after a tiring day ;)

One more gripe I have with BGWP is THERE ARE NO BABY ROOM. It is extremely hard bathing ur baby in a toilet shared by everybody, adults and screaming toddlers alike. I wrote an email to Sentoria, the management of BGWP regarding this issue. There should be a baby room as from my observation when we went there, there are numerous amount of babies everywhere. Some as young as three months old (the family brought rocker and picnic under the stairs). I know it is entirely up to the parents regarding the suitability of such a young baby to be brought to places like these, BUT I also do think that the management ought to take a more proactive approach in serving the customers.
All in all, this was certainly an enjoyable treat. Let's get wet and stay cool at Bukit Gambang Waterpark ;)


Mursapap said...

The last picture is extremely cute!

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