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Friday, January 15, 2010

The one-year old kid

Sara is ONE!!!! She's no longer a baby :( .... and true to that, she's beginning to demand and act like a one-year old. (Pic above is Sara with her birthday present from Atuk and Nenek)

Once, we laughed soooo hard during our eating session, both of us ended up with stomach cramps, not from the food but from laughing too hard. There was nothing funny in particular, she demanded asked to see the contents of food in my mouth (yup, the chewed food IN MY MOUTH). I showed it to her, and she find it disgustingly funny and laughed and proceed to show the contents of food in her mouth. Then, I started to laugh, she laugh even harder and who could resist the ringing laughter of a cute little toddler so we keep laughing and laughing for almost ten minutes.

Yesterday, was her monthly check-up. She weighs 10.5 kg and her height is 77 cm. Before our turn to get Sara's one-year injection, there was this mother whose son is wailing uncontrollably after getting his injection. She looked at us and said "Lepas ni dia ni la pulak menangis" - referring to my little angel, of course.

I took one look at her son and dreaded the moment because Sara's cry out of pain is very sad and leaves me feeling terribly guilty. With heavy heart, we went in. Since Sara is already one-year old, the injection will be administered on her hand rather than on her thigh. I remember thinking, this is definitely going to hurt and she will definitely cry her heart out.

Well, whaddayaknow...she didn't even cry. She flinched, her face got red (out of shock or pain, I dunno) BUT THE MAIN POINT IS SHE DIDN'T EVEN CRY! I feel like calling back the mother I met earlier and gushed "Look at my baby, she's not only cute, she's strong as well and such a good little girl for not crying. Unlike your baby. Boo!!" Heh. Even the nurse is quite shocked. Wee....I'm sooooo proud of my one-year old kid!

Sara with Nenek after the injection. Notice the bulging shirt sleeve?

Anyway, did you know that government hospital will take care of every phase of your child's development. Why, they even asked me to come back on February to give worm medication. I was constantly amazed by the fact that they think about everything. Yeay for public hospital!!!


Piza said...

berani dgn jarum...takut dgn bunga..hehe

pHatMuMMy said...

itu masa saya tecit lagi la...skng saya dah berani dah...bluekkk!!! - sara says ;)

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