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Friday, March 18, 2011

Pregnancy Woes #2 : I can't travel!!

I don't usually get motion sickness, I am usually a healthy-as-a-horse kind of traveler, be it by land, sea or air transport. But, yeah, being pregnant changes EVERYTHING.

I still remember back in my first pregnancy (when I was about seven months along), I was required to go to Johore for a short seminar. Along the trip, I was okay. No throwing up. Everything was good. During dinner, I've started to feel a bit nauseated. Still okay. BUT, later that night, I couldn't sleep. I couldn't understand what my body is trying to tell me. I feel like vomiting and the stomach pain was soooo severe, I ended up sleeping in the bathroom. I lay flat on the floor for a few hours, and then I slept in the bathtub while soaking in the hot water.

So, two days ago, my office mates and I went to Port Dickson (which is just 30km from my house). I requested to sit in the front passenger seat, and I started to feel nauseated within the first ten minutes. You know the feeling you get when you are about to get sick? The shivers like you're cold but you're also sweating at the same time? I tried to sleep it off, hoping the nausea will go away. We stopped for snack in one of the mamak restaurant along the way, and I immediately go to the toilet and well, lets just say that the breakfast I ate in the morning had safely abandon my stomach. Eugh! I still feel lightheaded after that but still bearable. We arrived back home at 2pm, and I was excused from working throughout the day. Yeay, right?

NOT! I tried getting some nap/sleep in the evening but for some reason, I still feel queasy, so no sleeping. During the night, the same thing happened! I feel like crapping and vomiting at the same time and since I don't have a bathtub at my house, sleeping in the bathroom does not sound like a solution this time. The feeling comes and go as they please, and finally, I fell asleep at four am. Whew!

Well, that's it guys. I will not be traveling anytime soon. The silver lining in this story? I hope the baby inside my tummy is well and healthy and not at all affected by the mummy's sickness. On another note, how la to go to bandung next month???


Noriz said...

cian nye yan... tu la nasib kite kan... being pregnant is a wonderful feeling, cuma nak harung sickness few months tu yg x larat... sabar la ye...
**napa awk kata x leh komen kat blog sya? something wrong gak blogspot ni kan...iye la benda dah free.. heheh...try again k.TQ

yurn said...

hehehe.. amat memahami perasaanmu.. cam aku both pregnancy pun mabuk teruk, whole body umpama surrounded with bubble kaler kelabu.. lagi trauma nak harung pregnancy than the labor..:)

take care beb, jgn lasak naa.

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