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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hi... *sheepish smile*

Hi there, my dear blog. I've been neglecting you, I know. But I have a good reason. I was ermm...busy..not with work, but with myself. You know...I was busy entertaining myself. We do that, you know. A pregnant lady must put aside some time for herself, and herself only.

Okay, I've run out of excuses, so yeah, I was lazy. Seems like my finger can only move the mouse to bloghop and reading stories about other people but too lazy to actually type something.

Hmm, its been so long, I don't even know where to start. Oh, the trip to Bandung. It was a disaster the first day. I puked all the contents in my stomach, which resulted in both my hubby and sister to forbid me from drinking "jus alpukat" (avocado juice). I think they got really grossed out by...I think I got to stop telling stories about that. Just typing those words make me nauseous and feel like vomiting.

I didn't really shop that much in Bandung. I only bought 4 shirts/blouse for myself and clothes for Sara (a lot!) and 3 pairs of baby clothes. I suck at shopping, especially when I have to deal with the constant drowsiness. Okay, enough about Bandung. Moving on to something else...

Oh, my aunt got into an accident two weeks ago. Apparently, my uncle (who was driving at the time) hit another car that was already in an accident. Its kinda hilarious, I mean there was this unfortunate car who was maybe driving a tad too fast, and swerve to the side of the road. The driver must be thinking, luckily I am okay, the car is okay and I didn't hit into any other vehicle. Then, BAM! My uncle came and hit the car as it was repositioning itself to drive away.

When we went and visit my aunt, she was in soooo much pain, even the doctors and nurses didn't know what to make of it. Turns out, she broke two of her ribs during the collision. No wonder she couldn't even sit up straight and her oxygen level was quite low. Everything is okay now, she has been discharged and is now at home, recuperating.

Okay, my favourite topic....Adlyna Qaisara. She is such a chatterbox, and can talk for hours. And the great thing is, we can actually understand what she's trying to tell us. For example, she got this really great story that goes like this "One day, kakak and me. Kakak got red bicyle. Yaya don't know how to cycle. Kakak cycle so very fast. And then, abang want to play. Kakak said "No!. Cannot. Abang cannot play". Naughty kakak didn't let abang play. Then, kakak go away. Suddenly, got dog. Dog chase kakak. Kakak cry. Pity kakak". Tee hee hee...

She also can sing a lot of songs now, and the two songs she can sing perfectly is "Twinkle twinkle little star" and Barney's "I love you". She learned quite a lot from the Barney video she insisted on watching every night. On that note, I really think that Barney is a positive influence on kid, since it preaches about happiness, and the concept of sharing. Although Sara's concept of sharing is slightly distorted whereby she will quickly finish her food/drink and goes to the person who still have food/drink and persuade sweetly "We share okay. Barney said we must share. Okay?" Hehe, nobody ever refused her ;)

Sometimes, she announces out of the blue "Yaya looovvveeee Mummy. Yaya love Nenek. Yaya love Totok. Yaya love Babah. Yaya love Tashu. Yaya love Ingah. Yaya love everybody!" And that is why she gets away with little naughty things.

P/S - I intend to end this post with a preggy picture of me, but can't find a camera and I am secretly ashamed to post a picture of me, since I look like 6 months pregnant, as opposed to 4 months.


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