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Friday, November 26, 2010

Aidiladha 2010

Aidiladha 2010 is the best one so far :) Majority of my mum's side of the family came to KL and we had a blast. My cousin each have 4 boys so, that totaled up to 8 boys, in the house. Oy, that itself resulted in chaos and mayhem. Sara was delighted to see them, she kept tugging me to play with "abang". I taught her to say "Abang, Yaya nak main". She confidently went to them and said those words and then came running back to me. Haha.

Oh, did I tell you she can jump? With both legs up? She has been doing that since last month actually.

We had our usual festive dish "nasi minyak" and the best "soto" ever. I was working the day before, so I had no part in the cooking whatsoever (Ohh, the beauty of living with my mum ;p) But, I did bake a cake and I succeeded on making chocolate chip rolls (more on that later, promise!) We just lazed around the whole day, taking pictures, eating, watching telly and it was a very fun and relaxing day. I mean, good food, good company, what's not to love, right?

The "quiet" picture

The "noisy" picture

Later that night, one of the boys came to me and said that they miss my choc chip cookies. It's almost 10pm, I protested. But, seeing their hopeful faces, I just didn't have the heart to say no. But, I imposed a condition : They have to help me. And so, there I was at 11pm, making cookies with my two nephews. They are yawning every 2 minutes, but they helped me all the way to the end.

Some of the boys :)

The next day, everybody went back to Kuantan. Sara woke up and was somewhat disappointed to see that there was no more abang. I, on the other hand, had 300 cupcake to do for a solemnization favor. :)


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