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Monday, November 1, 2010

Tips on toilet training

Hi, my name is Mama. I was given to Sara on her birthday by my Mummy's best friend. I would have preferred other name than Mama, but Sara thought it was my name, since I say "Ma...mama" when she squeeze my chest.

At first, Sara was scared of me, but as she grows bigger, we became friends. She would give me milk, put powder on my face, take out and put on my clothes, put me to sleep and lots more fun stuff we do together.

Right now, my current role is to motivate Sara to go to the toilet. For example, Nenek and Mummy often come to me and ask "Mama nak ci-ci?" and I'd nod my head. They'll then ask Sara whether she'd like to come along. If she agrees, Nenek or Mummy would ask her to take out her pants, in case they got wet and all. When we arrive to the toilet, we'd pee together. Okay, I stand and watch while Sara pees.

So, yeah, I am officially the toilet trainer for that little kid. Sometimes, she'd carry me to her Mummy and said that I wanted to pee, when in fact, she's the one who wanted to go to the toilet. Yeah, just blame it on me, the mute doll ;p


MaMa IdRaKi said...

ohh.. ini ke Mama?
nice to know you.. good job Mama! =P

noriz said...

hahaha...goli ati baca...good idea...ingat nk use d same method...too bad ank i boys la...tak kan nk kasi doll kan :)

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