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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What's with the I-dont-vote attitude?

Firstly, let me make this clear that this is not a political blog nor this is a hate statement. I'm merely writing this as a gentle reminder to myself, my child, my family, my friends and yes, to those who read this blog. Lately, I have been witnessing lots of people (friends included) that are openly admitting that they don't vote. Hmm, let's see...

Since primary school, we have been voting whether we realize it or not. We vote for the head of sports house, we vote for president of various clubs and we even vote for our favourite teacher for Teacher's Day. This tradition continues until secondary school and throughout our university life.

Okay, fine, one would argue that those were made compulsory, so now that they have a freedom to choose, they choose not to vote. BUT, bear in mind that some time in our life, we are attached to some kind of groups or association, be it our sports house during primary school, any clubs during secondary school, any college during university or any sidang during DPA. We are a part of this associations, whether we like it or not. The same way we are a part of this country.

We b*tched and praise about the presidents of our club and the chairman of our association because deep down, we care. We care because these people were elected to lead us. The same way should apply to the nation, no? I am a Malaysian, so I should vote because I care and I love my country, right?

Well, I don't know about you, but I care about who lead the country and who determines the future of this beloved country of mine. Not only that, I am concerned about my future's generation well-being, therefore it is only logic for me to vote and exercise my right as a responsible citizen.

As a colleague of mine eloquently said (pohon izin ye Puan Didi) "Passion of doing your work not only comes from sound ethical background, but also the love you have for your country. I believe working for the government should come hand in hand with at least SOME feeling of patriotism. You work for the government yet you don't care who rule the country? I say that's pretty messed up :("

Do vote...if not for ourselves, then at least think about what kind of future w
e are leaving our descendants. I vote, I made sure my family does and I think you should too.


swit@kon said...

aku sokong.
serius aku tak paham kenapa susah sangat nak vote. ;( tapi komen beriya!!!

pHatMuMMy said...

yeah, couldn't agree more. u can't talk sh*t about something u are not even a part of. kalau tak vote, tak payah komplen itu ini semua tak betul. heh.

noriz said... boss yg highly educated pun susah sgt nk vote...bile i bebel kat dia (staf nag kat bos? haha)..alasan lupa la...leceh la...typical org kite kan...huhu

MaMa IdRaKi said...


didi said...

I was quoted in this blog!!! *blush* Thanks Yantie!

Ye, saya xleh cakap dah pasal benda ni. It gets on my nerves. Lagi sengal, ada pegawai di pejabat Menteri yang tak vote, tapi sibuk sana sini, ke hulur hilir, ikut bos kempen. Adakah dia faham apa yang diperjuangkan?!!!

AAAARGGGHHHH!!!! Tension, tension.


pHatMuMMy said...

noriz - yeah, and that's what saddens me...

didi - its good to know that in the midst of all these i-dont-vote people, there is still one patriotic gem like u :)

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