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Sunday, December 19, 2010

After the long hiatus *__*

Hi *small voice*

Yeah, after all the big talk on updating the blog more regularly, there I go again, MIA for almost 1 month. Huhu.

To those who've asked, yes, I'm still taking rvc orders :)
And, speaking of rvc, last two weeks I've managed to bake the largest cake I've ever baked : A 32cm two layer round cake. Okay, this might not be a big deal to some people, but I had to bake twice as the first one collapse as I tried to layer them together. I just hope that the bride and groom enjoyed the cake.

Besides that, I've also managed to make hantaran cuppies for engagement and wedding. And, speaking of cupcakes, I'm going to impose a new condition : my cupcake design will strictly consists of chocolate ganache topping and buttercream and/or fondant deco. Like this:

Or this:

But, I'm open to any suggestions and recommendations :). And for those who've asked, below is the packaging for mini RVC, in an upside-down plastic container (reason : I can't seem to find a box that can fit the cake as its quite tall for the size)

Okay, moving on to other things, last week I was away on a course and when I reach home, I was seriously struck by Sara's development. But, I'll leave that story to tell in another post. :)


Yulie Elveera said...

icing writting ko sgtt cunnn!

pHatMuMMy said... ke? i am envious of your creativity to decorate with all the good things (strawberries, chocolates, oreos...) :)

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