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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ole..ole..ole..ole...kita menang, kita lah juara... *woot*

It really shouldn't come as a surprise that Malaysia takes the coveted AFF cup, but watching it sure makes my heart beats faster and my throat calls for mercy for being overused (screaming, that is ;p)

Anyway, the whole family watched the match last night, and dare I say, we enjoyed it more than watching the world cup a few months back. Hihi...even though there was no Ballack, but Fahmi (Malaysia's goalie) really stands out. That bloke deserves an award of his own. He saves lots of goals, and heartbreaks.


And, out of admiration, I googled him today, and guess what I found out? His heart is taken, to a charming girl who has a very entertaining blog.

And, thanks to the Malaysian team, tomorrow is declared as a public holiday. Yeay! Isn't it thoughtful that Friday was declared as public holiday (as opposed to today?). Long weekend ahead, people :)


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