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Monday, October 11, 2010

Sara : 21 months

Okay, I know I might be jumping the gun here, but I believe that my dear little angel has started talking. Talking as in constructing complete sentences! *Gasp* I kid you not, she really can talk, and most of the time, we understand what she says!!! Okay, there are a few circumstances that led me to believe this fact, and I'm sharing it here as one of her many milestone :)

Example 1 : We were in the car, I was driving and she was happily watching barney on the dvd when suddenly she looked up and said with clarity "Mummy, Baba put frog up there".

The frog up there ;)

Example 2 : She ran up to me holding her doll (which she calls Mama, by the way - don't ask me why, Sara believes that the doll's name is Mama because when you squeeze the doll's chest, the doll will squeak "Ma, Mama"). Then, she would thrust the doll to me and said "Mummy, Mama cry. Mama nak milk. Plis. Plis. Mama, don't cry. Emmm-mmaaah". I would
pretend to make milk and give her an empty bottle to give to Mama. Sara will politely say "Thank you" and put her mama on the pillow and gave the bottle to Mama.

Example 3 : "Mummy. Yaya nak baba. Yaya nak yu-na-mi. Come, go upstairs. Plis. Plis" Okay, you might wonder what yu-na-mi is, I did too, at first. She'd come to me whining, wanting to sing or see yu-na-mi. She'd said yuuuuu-na-miiiii (with a sing-song voice - rhythm to "This Old Man" song) Turns out she's singing the ever-famous Barney song "I love you, You love me, we're a happy family...bla...bla" The part You-love-me is Yu-na-mi. Heh.

Example 4 : I was taking out all my bakery stuff to start baking cake. She'd come running to me and said "Mummy, Yaya nak mick-mick cake" *Mick = mix. And true to her name (Qaisara in Arab means "Queen"), she'd put her hand out and said "Mummy, hold hand plis" to help her to climb the chair and mick the cake.

Example 5 : We always complimented her when she did something good (i/e throwing rubbish in the dustbin, ci-ci in the toilet, finish her milk). We'd say "Sara, good girl" and clap our hand. One day, I caught her playing with Mama "Mama, dink milk. Finish. Good girl." and clapped her hand. *dink=drink

Example 6 : We'd always tell her nicely "Sara, don't do that" whenever she does something naughty. The other day, I came back from work early and went straight to her, and kissed her repeatedly. She got agitated and pushed me away and say "Nanak Mummy". I went to the kitchen and later she came to me and I asked for a kiss. She kissed me half-heartedly. Suddenly, she went all patronizing on me and said "Mummy, don't do that. *kissing sound" Don't do that. Yaya nanak". Wait, let me get this straight. Did she just scold me? Did my 1 year-old daughter just reprimand me?? Haha, who would have thought I'd live to see the day ;p


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