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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Road trip to the North

I'm not a big fan of traveling. Especially when I have to pack not only for me, but for Sara as well. And her toilet training will definitely go haywire if we travel. However, how can I not go to one of my best-est friend's wedding, right? So, off we went to Kedah (Alor Star to be exact).

We slept at my cousin's house in Kulim the first night. My cousin have four boys; but all of them are so well-behaved and treat Sara like their baby sister :) I really look up to her as I really respect the way she raise her children. I hope I can be as patient-but-stern as she is if
I ever have a son.

We went to Alor Star the next day and I managed to see the beautiful bride before the bersanding ceremony. We have been friends for more than 10 years, and I was so happy for her. She looks gorgeous and positively radiant in the ravishing purple/mauve.

After Alor Star, we decided that it was way to early to retire to our next stop, hubby's uncle's house in Pendang. So, we decided to give Bukit Kayu Hitam a try. On the way there, hubby's uncle called and told us that we might as well go to Padang Besar since Bukit Kayu Hitam have nothing to offer. He said that it'll only take us extra 10 minutes. So, we drove past Bukit Kayu Hitam and I can assure you, IT WAS NOT A 10 MINUTES JOURNEY OKAY. Even I was getting cranky in the car. Luckily Sara was captivated with the Barney video we put on.

I bought Sara two pajamas, and another two for my sister and that's about it (I suck at shopping). We went for a bite and grudgingly drove back to Alor Star. Since the house we're going is in Pendang, that adds up another hour in the car. Ugh. We reached the house around 11pm.

See the little kid running away from everyone?

The next day, we just lazed around because we were planning to go back around noon. Well, knowing us, the lazing around temptation was too high, we ended up going back at 5pm. On the way back, hubby said he wanted to try the ever so famous mee udang, so I called my cousin and we met up at the mee udang Sg. Dua. I keep reminding myself to take pictures and take note of the route to come here, but once the sizzling hot mee udang arrived, all was forgotten. As usual.

We head back to KL from Sg Dua around 7.00pm. After numerous stops (one that involved all three of us sleeping in the car at the R&R), we safely arrive home around 1am. Conclusion of the whole trip? NO MORE ROAD TRIP IN THE NEAR FUTURE. Too tiring. :)

Even though Sara hates stranger, she has a thing for "ATUK" figure. She'll run away from any nenek figure but will be sooo manja and mengada with an atuk figure. Heh.


yurn said...

huuu i sangat suke road trip.. dah lama tak pegi jalan2 cari pasal..:P

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