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Monday, October 11, 2010

Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor and Dr. Harlina Yusof

Wedding of the decade. Seriously?? Even the events that my batch handled during DPA was wayyyyy better than what I witness on the television last night. After these beautiful pre-wedding pictures, THAT was the best that you can do? Seriously?

Don't even get me started on the so-called "Istana Kayangan" concept.
The first wedding dress? It was just o-kay. The second ensemble for the cake cutting ceremony? Lame. The cake? Lame with a humongous capital L. They have got to be kidding me. I watched the live telecast all the way, hoping for some miraculous transformation of event but I was left hoping. And screaming profanities on the telly. Heh.

pics from here

Congratulations to TV3, you have managed to ruin what little respect I have for you. The only thing that saved the wedding from total disaster was the bride and groom. They were soooo beautiful and they looked so happy and contented. At the end of the day, I guess that is what matters most, right?

Disclaimer : All views and opinions stated above are of my own. I wish only the best for the bride and groom, this is not a hate statement. This is just my frustration towards the organizer of the wedding event.


swit@kon said...

cerita je kot yang besar.
aku just give a glance pun rasa pelik. mana kayangan nye. ingatkan pakai baju terbang. ahahahaha

yurn said...

aku sakit telinge dengar sape tah yang nyanyi lagu time potong kek/ending tu. sumbang mambang. spoil.

mrsDudE said...

agreed. the cake?

pHatMuMMy said...

switakon - korang punya event masa DPA lagi meletopppp okeh. haha

yurn - can't agree more. eventhough masa tu tak dgr sgt pun lagu sebab kitorg tiga beradik sibuk kutuk. haha.

mrsdude - masa kek tu kuar, i'm at loss for words. its just too....LAME!

all in all, kesian dekat bride and groom. i bet even they can't help but to feel a teensy bit of frustration. after all the hype and whatnot, what they got was at best a very mediocre wedding. if only they have a short clip of they bride and groom story, or draped some fairy lights to the whole venue. Oh my! Sooo much room to improve. Shame on the organizers.

didi said...

the cake!!!!!!!!!
kek party kanak2 kah? its a wedding, for the love of God, enough with the rockets!!!

and not only its a rocket, its a baaaaadddddd rocket!

Mursapap said...

I stopped watching after they sat at the dais.

Maybe WE shud give them a tip or two to handle good event dak?

Takpela, wedding grand tp marriage dont last buat apa kan?

noriz said...

haha...i was only me yg dok kutuk "kayangan" tu...soooo x best...penat tunggu till d end...xde ape pun...ingatkan diorang turun dr atas disappointed...

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