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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pitter Patter Tea Party

On Sunday, Sara, my hubby and I went to the Pitter Patter Tea Party. I first stumbled upon the info here, and since its only RM10 per adult, I figured it would be a great opportunity to let my angel meet up and play with kids her age. And besides, we were planning to go along with my two wonderful friend; Mummy Allysha and Mama Idraki :)

Sara and I travelled to KL via KLIA Transit because hubby was already in KL, makes no sense for him to turn back in order to pick us up. This is actually the second time Sara and I board the train, and same as before, Sara fell asleep the moment the train moves.
Guess who we say in KL Sentral? Lisa Surihani!!! She was exactly as seen on TV, her skin is soooo smooth and porcelain-like, makes me seethe with jealousy.

The event was held in Carcosa Sri Negara, a perfect setting for an English Tea Afternoon. The place has a very classic English feel, complete with its lush landscapes and beautiful decorations, but I bet the organizer didn't expect the weather to be so hot and stuffy. And when you add screaming toddlers to that environment, it just resulted in total chaos.
They organized a separate room for the children and parents. We sent Sara to the children area, anticipating that she's going to cry when we left her. But, lo and behold, she immediately becomes absorbed in the environment, she even goes off to play BY HERSELF. She plays on the play dough station, read books and play lots of other toys. What amuses me was that everybody thought she was at least 2 years old. She answered every question they asked her with an emphatic nod or says "nanak" and waved her hand to say no, she sits and play when asked, she can immediately play correctly with the toys once you show her how, so everbody was very surprised when I told them Sara is only 15 months old.

There were three talk sessions, but I only managed to fully hear one of them. I was too anxious thinking about Sara in the other room. We did manage to join in the photoshoot for family and can't wait to see the result. Overall, the food was good, the talks were okay, the separate room for kids was a good idea, the only thing that deterred me from enjoying myself is the HOT, HUMID and STUFFY weather.

The most surprising thing I discovered through this event : My little angel is a big girl already *tears*


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