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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tribute to Mama aka Nenek

It's true what people say, that you will have a newfound gratitude for your mom once you yourself have become a mommy. The agonizing pain of labour and what not plus the hard work to raise a child really takes my respect to my mom to another whole new level. So, this is for you Mama, a tribute for all that you have done :)

My mom was married when she was 22 years old. My mom is madly in love with my dad and vice versa (though my dad is typical man, who seldom shows how he feels). My mom got me two years after they were married and my sisters 5 years after that. My mom is a great wife ( I can never be like her in a million years :p) She never fails to cook for my dad, she's the one who did all the chores around the house (she has three very lazy daughters ;p). In fact, I think my mom is a superwoman. When she was still working, she cooks breakfast everyday (we normally have very hearty breakfast - nasi lemak, mee wantan, fried mee/meehoon, nasi himpit etc.) She will also cook dinner everyday with two or three delicious dishes. I'm not saying that her cooking is delicious because she's my mom, but her cooking is the best. Almost everybody said so.She can also sew. All the curtains, pillowcases, our baju kurung are made by her.

My mom is a very beautiful woman and she has aged gracefully. My mom despite her talkative-ness is actually a very shy person. She was always conscious about her figure (which I think is nonsense, she has excellent figure for her age) When I was little, I used to watch her applying her make up and wished that one day I will become as pretty as her.

My mom absolutely dotes on Sara and even though she won't admit it in a million years, part of the reason she retires early is to take care of Sara herself. During my confinement, she was the one that took care of me and lil Sara. I had a very bad experience during my confinement period (what with my failed attempt of breastfeeding plus the stitches down there that refuses to heal...waaaa) Anyway, she was the one that bathe me and Sara (hee, I have no shame, I know!) In short, I seriously don't know what I'll do without her.

She bought Sara her walker, wardrobe, bracelet, necklace and a ring! uh-oh, bila la mommy nak kaya ni. I am somewhat ashamed that I can't provide for my mom as much as she did for us. If possible, I wanted to give her everything she ever wants, be it a new dining set, renovation of the porch, a maid...everything...but the time has yet to come (my salary is just enough for my little family).

Mama, I just wanted you to know that I'm the lucky one to have you as a mom and I can only hope that I am worthy enough to become your daughter. Thank you for all the wonderful things you have done and you will do (definitely!). You are a wonderful listener, a great motivator, a superb chef, a comforting shoulder to cry on in one gorgeous package. I love you, Edie loves you and lil Sara loves you too...Though we have had our differences and we will surely not see eye to eye on everything, I hope you know that I do value your opinion and whatever I am today, is all because of you.

So, Happy 52nd birthday!! We love you so very much...mmmuuuuaaaahhhh!!!!

*will edit later to include pics


Dilla said...

happy birthday makcik.. =)

Haryana Sidin said...

eh along..yana musykil ni..dlm surat beranak yana..mama lahirkan yana mase mama umur mase mama 28..and along mase mama 28-5 la kan?..23 la kan mase mama dpt along?so..setahun lepas mama kawen jela kan?

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