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Saturday, August 22, 2009

How to get your baby to eat?

I guess I am one of those lucky mommies because Sara just loooves to eat. She got that from me, I guess. During pregnant, I puke a LOT, but I can immediately eat after a session of vomiting. In fact, I'll puke more if I don't eat. So for me, its like, chew-chew, gulp-gulp, bluekkk, -need-to-chew-some more-or-i'll-puke, chew-chew, gulp-gulp, ahhhhhh (satisfied stomach)

Anyway, since I got some friends asking me what I did to ensure Sara eats, I guess the rule of thumb is to never give your baby what you wouldn't eat yourself. I enjoy Sara's food as much as I enjoyed mine. Even Sara's friend at her babysitter's house loves to finish her food. Since she started eating solids (5m ++), I gave her porridge twice a day. Now, I slowly introduce her to breakfast and tea. I don't know about other
mommies out there, but I am determine to give my baby home cooked meal instead of instant and ready made foods. Makes me sooo proud when she finishes her food and look at me with beaming smile and full stomach. My recipe for Sara's porridge is :

1/2 cup of rice

3 cups of water
2 big chunk of poultry (chicken/meat/fish)

1 1/2 chunk of veggies (carrot/potato/broccoli/spinach/pumpkin)
A teenie weenie bit of salt

Normally, I will put the rice and water in the slow cooker for a whole night and add the others early morning (my mom usually does this, I'm so not a morning person). Let it cool, then take two spoons of the porridge along with chunks of veggies and poultry and blend them into a fine texture. I also add a teaspoon of butter for the fat requirement of growing babies. Then, mix the blended mixture with the remaining porridge and voila, Sara's favourite dish is ready :)

The thing that motivated me most about giving Sara home cooked meal is the way she enjoys her meal. She needs no coaxing from me, she will voluntarily open her mouth wide upon seeing her red spoon with porridge. No prodding needed...hihi...She's also a neat eater and most importantly she NEVER (until now) spat out her food.

Since I started introducing her to breakfast and tea, I sometimes gave her rusks biscuits, oats with prunes, steamed apple with honey, steamed pumpkin, mashed potatoes. Next on my menu is crushed avocado...and pasta with bananas (found it in some blog)...Yum!! To all the experienced mommies out there, I will highly appreciate any new recipes for babies...Please, do share yours here :)


Haryana Sidin said...

asal rambut sara kelakar?
sape potong rmbut die niiii....

pHatMoMMy said...

Kitorg pun musykil mcmana rambut dia boleh jadik mcm tu...kelakar kan? mcm rambut along masa kena potong ngn aki..haha

Pinky Angel said...

hi there.. blog hopping here..

thanks for the recipe. please share more if you got the time. ;)

noniey said...

biasanya aku buat bubur + brokoli.. n aku goreng ikan bilis.. aku blend.. confirm dia makan laju..

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