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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The compulsory pose :)

Last month, we took Sara to be photograph into what we call a compulsory pose in the family. I too, have exactly the same picture...let's see the resemblance and the difference...

Sara @ 5m++

Mommy @ 4m++

I think Sara has more prominent face features than me. Sara has clearly defined eyebrow and she smiles for the camera whilst mommy looks like in a state of shock. Heh. We both have the same thick hair but mine refuse to lay flat. My mom said that my head was drenched with water while this picture is taken, else I would look like a porcupine. Haha. What do you guys think? :)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

trying to leave a comment

Haryana Sidin said...

i think the main and obvious resemblance would be BONTOT!!!

rika said...

sara seperti memakai wedges je nampaknye tu hehe..

Azrind Binti Othman said...

cik yan keje katne? baca entry mcm gomen je..

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