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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our weekend getaway...

Remember this pic? Guess where we went on Sunday? Mommy, Sara and Cik Ngah went to Deerland and Elephant Sanctuary in Lanchang, Pahang. Not by choice. More like terpaksa. ;p As expected, we were running late. Poor Dilla, Iki n Harry had to wait for us. Sorry guys! We drove ourselves to Genting Sempah (to bathe Iki, Sara had already bath, she doesn't mind the cold) We arrived in Deerland just as all the other participants are entering it.

Walaupun lambat, sempat posing sebelum masuk!!

As most of you already know, Mommy is deathly afraid of any moving live object (i.e any animals), so I didn't enjoy one bit of the trip ;p. The weather was not very friendly either. Sara was soaked with sweat and I'm one lucky Mommy because she's a very happy baby eventhough she's hot and sweaty.

I think this is when Azlan snap our pic...err....yeah, I think he totally photoshopped the pic to appear that beautiful...haha

The Deerland is sorta like a petting zoo where you can feed, pet, touch, take pictures with the animals there. Eventhough the name is "Deerland", there are all sorts of animals there. Rabbits, bears, snake...u name it, they most probably have it ;p....there was sooo many mosquitos, luckily I brought Sara in a sling (so she's protected from all the big, small and bad animals..haha)

Next, we went to Elephant Sanctuary where we met lots and lots of elephants. Supposedly, we can do all kinds of activities with the elephant (feeding, bathing etc) BUT apparently, that kind of tickets are limited. So, lotsa kids went home feeling gloomy and sad for not being able to play with the elephants. As for Mommy and Sara, we lay down picnic style and just lazed around. Mommy has no intention of even going near those big animals...haha

Sara and Iki...eventhough they are only 11 days apart, Sara looks sooo much bigger...macam kakak pulak... :)

Overall, it was an okay trip, but I think Sara will definitely enjoy it more IF she is able to understand and appreciate the wide variety of animals, the nature and what not. (yeah...i'm still bitter about having to join the trip...can u tell? ;P)


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