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Friday, July 10, 2009

Updates on lil Sara :)

Since a few weeks, Mommy has been very busy with work. Of course, in the mean time, lil Sara is also busy growing up and I feel like I haven't recorded her progress like I wanted to.. :(

Anyway, Sara can now roll over and have started eating solid food. She only likes thick porridge and she hates it when the porridge is too watery. Heh. She can now sleep on her own, I just put her beside me, turn off the lights, she'll roll to her right, then to her left, a couple of cute whimpering and off she goes to's beyond cuteness, i tell you (haha, mommy usually falls asleep before her).

Sara sleeps with Nenek

I've also bought Bumbo seat for her (finally!) and she seems to love it. She looks darn cute sitting in it. I regret not buying the tray along. Anyway, I got it from ebay for half the original price but I think is having a sale for this item and you can purchase it for RM149 (that's RM50 cheaper than original price) but I dunno whether the sale is still available or not.

Sara has also develop quite a few attitude. She loves to mimic whatever we do. Once I caught her trying hard to snap her finger because Atuk loves to snap his finger to get Sara's attention. I am thankful for the fact that Sara has a lot of people doting on her :)

I love watching her grow. What makes me sad is that, I can't spend more time with her and I can't concentrate fully on her now that my workload have tripled. I hate my new boss and the fact that he sometimes can't decide and keep on having discussion after discussion. Letihla...


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