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Monday, July 13, 2009

Autobots...transform and roll out

Last week (or last two weeks...can't remember...heh), I went out with my sisters-in-law to watch transformer : revenge of the fallen and that movie rocks...can't wait for lil Sara to grow so that I can bring her to watch movies with me (Mommy's a movie addict!).

I was sooooo amazed with the movie, words can't even begin to describe the way I felt watching that movie. I was giddy and excited throughout the movie. Too bad my sis-in-law doesn't feel the same (she even slept at some point!). I love the structure of the whole story, how Sam at first was reluctant to be a hero but end up saving the whole world. There are sooo many things about this movie I wanted to write about, but since I have a double meeting today (hate work!), I'll just put it in pointform in no particular order

1. Megan Fox is still hot but I hated the fact that she seem to have done something on her lips (collagen perhaps?) but I do love the fact that she doesn't seem as skinny as she was in the first movie.

2. That decepticon chick (Isabel Lucas - Alice) creeps me out! Her steely gaze and sultry looks is just scary. I sometimes wonder why do all actress have to pout the way Isabel pouts in the movie to appear sultry. Seem like she's pouting in all her scenes, doesn't she get like mouth cramps or something. I know I would...Ha!

3. I am totally and completely in awe of Shia LaBeouf acting skills. He make this whole movie believable and fun to watch. (However, its weird that I don't have a crush on him...I usually loooovvvveeee all my favourite movie heroes :p)

4. I love Bumblebee to bits...He's a big baby...He's like a cute little kitten trapped inside a robot's body
I love how they portray all the robots to have feelings. I even have tears in my eyes watching the scene between Sam and Optimus Prime...(I'm a big sap, I know)

5. I hate the noisy twin robot. They remind me of my facilitators during a helluva long course...just blabbering non-stop...ugh!

6. Sam's new roommate is bordering between annoying and cute...I almost hate him...heh.

7. LOOOOOVVVVEEEEE the fact they borught back the Agent Simmons who provided comic relief when Bumblebee is not around...

8. I love this movie more than the first one, can u tell? ;)

To Sara, grow up quickly, then we can spend every Wednesday watching movie...just the two of us...don't tell anyone ;p


Mursapap said...

Transfomers rawks!!

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