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Monday, July 22, 2013

Vaccinations smchaccinations :)

So. To vaccine or not to vaccine. I believe that is the question of the day now.

I read Dr Halina's blog regarding this and I must say, the article was very well written and tactful. It doesn't condemn parents that chose to forgo vaccinations, it merely states the disadvantages of doing so. The article in Dr Harlina's blog came from a friend of hers, a pediatrician, somebody who actually holds a qualification for saying what she says.

What I find surprising is when I share the article in a group in facebook, one of the member commented that "if this article from DR. HARLINA HALIZAH SIRAJ, i can accept. but it's not. so i won't."

Wow. Just wow. Now, if the commenter is somebody with sound medical background, I would not have taken offense. But dude, you are somebody who sells beauty product. Now how would you feel if I were to say the same about you?

I believe that this issue, stems on the very fact that some people just like to be different for the sake of being different. Its like going mainstream is uncool and would somehow minimize their presence in the world. I'm sure we have encountered this kind of person at one point of our life. The person who wears peplum blinged baju kurung to a meeting instead of the usual boring black suits, or the person who spray their car shocking pink because blue/black would have been too...normal.

But vaccines have adverse effect, it is not halal, my child got autism after being vaccinated or so they say. I don't mind reading comments based on own experiences. Don't give me the bullshit "my friend's ex-colleague's daughter-in-law's niece have autism after being injected with the MMR vaccine". You want people to believe you, give me some hard facts, not hearsay.

And then there were this group of people who would say things like "back in the days of Rasulullah SAW, no vaccines were required....there are syubhah ingredients in the vaccines administered". To me, this is the worst kind of people. I mean, using religion as an excuse? 

I am a muslim, and I have complete faith in the teachings of my religion, but to forgo modern medicine completely? I'd say that's stupid. Hah.  


rennylesa said...


Vaccines yang apa dimaksudkan ni? termasuk yang diberikan oleh setiap klinik kesihatan tu ke?

ehm... my religion tiada pula sebut pasal haram or cannot do the vaccines. Lagipun, benda2 vaksin ni kalau yang diarahkan oleh MOH, pastinya dah diuji dulu kan...

didi said...

I truly agree about some people looking down on all things mainstream. So funny. Like they are too cool follow what most people do.

But pilih la. When it concerns not only your child's health and life, but also other children's, I think it's extremely selfish and stupid to not vaccinate your kid. Yes, there are pro's and con's to everything.

Oh, dan ada juga like you said, banding zaman sekarang dengan zaman purba. Confirm dia tak duduk dalam rumah gua atau mandi dekat sungai kan? Bila you debate on stuff like that, you cannot pick and choose which technology you want to accept and which you dont.

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