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Friday, July 26, 2013

There are moments...

There are moments you threw quite a hissy fit,
there are moments you refuse to eat.

There are moments I'm at my wits end,
deciphering your language which is difficult to comprehend.

There are moments you make me feel like a bad mother,
for losing my patience and making you suffer.

There are moments you cry for no reason,
and those moments are not very pleasant.

But then again,

There are moments you touch my face with your tiny hands,
as a way to dissipate my anger and make amends.

There are moments you came for a cuddle,
that would make my heart melt into a puddle.

There are moments you flash your one-million-dollar smile,
that makes everything seems so worthwhile.

There are moments you shower me with kisses,
those moments remind me that you're the one my heart misses.

You are the cause of my frustration (sometimes!) and the source of my happiness.
I really love you, my lil button.


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