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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bandung trip and rotavirus :(

We went to Bandung last couple of weeks. My small family (hubby, me and kids) went with a dear friend of mine and we stayed in the family suite at Arion Swiss Belhotel. Bandung have a special place in my heart, for I always have "amazing" experience going to Bandung, both good and bad.

2004 - company trip.
amazing good experience : won the treasure hunt and become a millionaire ;p
amazing bad experience : returned home with the worst case of food poisoning.

2011 - sisters + hubby trip.
amazing good experience : ermm...not so much. shopping i guess.
amazing bad experience : pregnant-first trimester-vomiting non-stop in the car

2013 - family trip (with Sara and Dina)
amazing good experience : Aria Jeans. haha.
amazing bad experience : rotavirus. Boo!

If I could say two words to convince you to go to Bandung, those two words would be Aria Jeans. Haha. I ordered a black chino and a simple blue boot cut jeans for less than RM110. And the best part was I made 3 jeans for Sara (I can never find ready made jeans that can fit her ;p) which costs me less than RM100. Bliss!! Aria Jeans is situated in Jl. Merdeka and they can customized your order in 1 day.  All our order are ready the very next day and alteration can be done as quick as 1 hour. All for a fraction of a price. Tell me whats not to love about that.

Other things in Bandung are same old, same old. I left the kids with hubby while I went crazy at Pasar Baru. Hehe. I really went crazy until I didn't even bought anything for myself. *facepalm* Haish!

All seems well until the second night, my friend's daughter starts vomiting every half an hour. It got worse in the morning when she started to develop diarrhea. We suspected food poisoning, but nobody else seems to be affected. Hubby and I paid extra attention to the kids, in case they caught it too, but luckily they were well and healthy throughout the trip.

The kids playing at the airport

BUT. Yeah, sadly there's a but to this story. But, once we returned home, in fact two days after we returned home, hubby suddenly woke up having with churning stomach and had diarrhea soon after. Dismissing it as perhaps jet lag or fatigue, I went to work as usual. And then, I received a text from my friend saying that their doctor confirmed that her daughter was infected with rotavirus. Not long after that, I received a call from my mother saying that Dina has started vomiting.

The doctor advised us to keep Dina hydrated and rush her to the emergency should we see any sign of dehydration (sunken eyes, sunken abdomen, weakness, dry mouth). At this time, Sara is still okay and we pray that she wont get infected. But, as the day goes by, Sara started to complain of a stomachache and started vomiting. Oy! 

The evil rotavirus has seeped in and until today has managed to wreak havoc on the health of both my babies, my husband and now my father. So yeah, we did bring back a very "nice" souvenir from Bandung after all :)

P/S : Both children are fully recovered after 4 days. Alhamdulillah...


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