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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

13th General Election, whose side are you on?

Putting my serious thinking cap on.

Okay. What do I know about general election? I know that I've registered as a voter, I know my rights as a voter and I voted once before. I read the news, mainstream and alternative. I think the mainstream media is too much in-your-face, if you know what I mean. But, the thing is, the alternative is no better. I know that a lot of people are looking for the so-called truth, the unbiased information. And guess where are they looking for it. The web, of course.

The problem is, you really can't believe everything you read on the web. Out of 10 "facts", only two are probably true. And people hide behind anonymity all the time. And the words they use just never cease to "amaze" me. Just when you think they can't stoop that low, they went even lower. So, how now brown cow?

I've heard about the "better the devil you know than the angel you don't" concept, and its true, up to a point. Call me conservative, but I'd rather be stranded on a godforsaken island with my officemates (who I sometimes dislike, haha), rather than my neighbour who lives at the end of the road whom I knew nothing about (except that he is supposedly a doctor).

But then again, a tiger can never really change its stripes now, can they? I'd have a hell of a time stranded on the island with my "dear" officemate, having to listen to his unfunny jokes that never fails to get on my nerve EVERYTIME. But, beneath all the cocky facade, he actually cared about my well being and I can rely on the fact that he'd definitely try to save us both from the island.

What if I decide to give the benefit of the doubt to my unknown neighbour? What if I decide to "change"? Who knows, my unknown neighbour could've conjure some magic spell to rescue us from the stranded island. But, on the other hand, what if my unknown neighbour turned out to a serial killer? Ripping off people's head for the sake of enjoyment? What then?

It was different back then, where I would only think of myself. What would I have got to lose. But now, I'm responsible for the two little lives I procreate. I'm responsible for making better choices for them, to provide them with a safer future. The choice I'll make could very well shape their whole lives ahead of them.

Would I risk my children's future for the so-called change? But what's there to change, when what exists now is not at all bad to begin with. I'm leaning towards progress, rather than change. Maybe the tiger couldn't change its stripe, but it can certainly take a dip in the lake to cleanse it.

Should people ask me, whose side am I on? I'll answer with full conviction "I AM ON MY CHILDREN'S SIDE. I AM ON MY OWN SIDE". Saya pilih mengundi. Heh.

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