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Monday, February 27, 2012

Breastfeeding - The Ugly Truth (Part Deux)

Remember this post?

The update? Sadly to say, things are pretty much the same. Except the bleeding crack is almost healed, but the pain during breastfeeding is still there.

Since getting back to work, I managed to pump about 10-12 ounce everyday, plus another 5-6 ounce that I pumped in the wee hours before going to work, so that totaled up to almost 18 ounce per day which is more than enough for my little baby during daytime. I can't seem to pump more than 10 mins, it would get to painful, so I have to use Marmet technique (hand express) to really empty the breast.

I have about 200 ounce of expressed breast milk stored, so I am not really worried about stocking up. I've given up on wearing normal bra, as I would suffer from blocked ducts EVERYTIME. And the blocked ducts will lead to milk blisters, and will worsen the condition of the nipple.

I'm also beginning to understand my baby better now, and I don't breastfeed her when she doesn't want to nurse. You know how the situation is, every time the baby is crying, people around you will most probably said that the baby is hungry and wants to nurse. Well, not my baby. Sometimes she just wants to be cuddled and just wants attention.

Since last month, my baby has developed a great sleeping pattern. I can bring her to our room as early as 8pm, breastfeed her and she'll only wake up twice (1-2am and 4-5am) to nurse again. She'll wake up around 7am, just nice for me to bring her downstairs and get ready for work.

I'm somewhat blessed because despite the pain during breastfeeding, my baby doesn't really like to do the comfort sucking, she just gets whatever she wants and let go. :)

People have been asking me, how long do I plan to continue breastfeeding my baby with all this pain? I really don't know. I guess as long as she wants it, and as long as I can handle the pain without resorting to painkillers to lessen the pain :)


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