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Monday, September 19, 2011

Mother-Daughter Drama Episode 4 - Up to you lah

It has been a while since our last drama episode. Owh, trust me, it was not because the lack of drama between me and Sara, it was more because of my procrastination habit.

Last 4-5 months (I think), I had just came back home from work in a bad mood with all the crappy nonsense in the office. I wanted to bathe Sara, I took her pyjamas, opened her clothes, and bathe her. No drama. Yet.

She's such a chatterbox in the bathroom and we always enjoy our bath session. Then, I dried her and started to put on the clothes that I took out earlier. She started whining "Yaya don't want to wear this one, want to wear another one". I conceded "Okay, which one?"

She showed me another set of pjs, but when I started to put on the clothes to her, the former scene ensues. Repeat three times. Now, can you imagine my frustration and anger at that time? I threw all her clothes on the bed, and told her "Up to you lah Sara, choose whatever you want, Mummy don't care"

I guess she can hear the strain in my voice, and knows that I'm already at my limit, so she did the next best thing. She cried, on top of her lung. Resulting in of course everybody coming in the room and asking what went wrong (which of course added to my annoyance..hehe)

Since that, the phrase "Up to you lah" has always been extra sensitive to her. If she gets really stubborn and we say "Up to you lah" to her, she'll immediately apologized "Sowwy, sowwy mummy, yaya don't want mummy to angry yaya. Sowwy mummy. Don't say up to you. Sowwy mummy" Hihi, it's funny and heartbreakingly sweet at the same time.

Last week, we went outing together and as usual, she insisted to sit with me at the shotgun position. Its getting hard adjusting to her chubby body (18kgs, 97cm) and mummy's growing tummy. So, I said to her "Sara sit in front la ye, babah drive, Sara sit beside babah. Mummy sit at the back ye?" And she pleaded "No lah, mummy sit with yaya la. Yaya want to sit with mummy. Pleeeaaassseee".

I tried negotiating "Okay, we sit at the back together, nak?" She replied "We sit in front la. Yaya hot, nak aircond". After several minutes of coaxing, she suddenly looked up to me, and said with a very strained voice "Up to you la mummy, want to sit at the back ke, want to sit in front ke" *___*

And guess what I did? I succumbed, I sat in front with her. I swear I can see the glint of amusement in her eyes afterward. Gosh, to think that I am being psyched and manipulated by a two-year-old. I blame it on the pregnancy hormones! ;p


Sheila said...

Haha.. Nice one Yaya!

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