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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Full Paying Patient (FPP) in Hospital Putrajaya

*Disclaimer : The information below is based on the brochure distributed by the Hospital and from the inquiry counter and solely from my own understanding. Please go directly to the hospital for more accurate information.

After some hard contemplating (private vs government hospital), I've decided to try my luck at Hospital Putrajaya. Again. But this time, as a full paying patient. I was made to understand that a full paying patient is entitled to the same privilege as the private hospital.

Frankly, I have nothing against government hospital, I had a really nice experience during my first pregnancy and labour. Its just that government hospitals does not allow spouse/parents to spend the night at the hospital (and I was in sooooo much pain after the labour, I can't bear going through that again without anybody present this time).

Okay, before I got sidetracked, below is the information on FPP for birth/delivery in Hospital Putrajaya:

1) Registration fee for a new case (first time visit) is RM10 and the consultation fee is RM100.

2) Subsequent and follow-up visits are charged at RM60.

* Both fees are not inclusive of treatments and medications

3) There are four OBGYN specialists in Hospital Putrajaya (and the patient can choose whomever they want subject to the specialist availability). There are two female doctors (Dr. Noraihan, Dr Hamidah) and two male doctors (Dr. Hazim, Dr. Azmi). As for me, I made an appointment with Dr Hamidah this 20th (will update on the outcome).

4) All FPP need to pay downpayment of RM3,000 the day they are admitted. The total amount of bills will be updated regularly to the patient and the excess fee (should there be any) will be returned to the patient (by cash) during discharge. I asked around and the rate for normal delivery is quite cheap (RM1,000 to RM1,900 - depending on extra medication/procedure such as induce, epidural, vacuum etc..etc). As for c-sect, the rate is also quite competitive and can go as low as RM1,200 (if the operation is smooth).

5) The actual charge is RM250 per hour for the operation theatre (for c-sect delivery) and RM250 for birth in the normal delivery room.

6) The room for FPP is at level 5 and is charged at RM300 per day. Again, I asked around, and they said that the room is super nice, similar to a hotel suite. At RM300 per night, the room better be super nice, right?

I think that's all I have for now. Hope this information helps. I will write more review after my first appointment with Dr Hamidah. Should anybody wishes to get more info, you can call 03-8312 4315 or email to


Suzie said...

yanti i rasa masa i deliver kat kpj lg murah kot i mean dah alang2 u nak spend that amount why not u go for private terus?

i tak ingat single room how much tp tak sampai rm300 pun

pHatMuMMy said...

hi suzie...ada banyak gak sebab...the nearest KPJ from our house is in kajang, which is lagi jauh dari hospital putrajaya.

and since kali ni ada diabetes pulak, and my records are already in hospital putrajaya, tu yang i opt to deliver there.

ntahla, just hoping for the best je. thanks for ur opinion though :)

Suzie said...

hmmm location mmg kena consider then u're right esp on that day we don't have any idea how it's going to be kan?

wish all the best n may the labour will be smooth sailing for both mommy n baby :-)

yurn said...

babe, just naik je level 5 and visit the rooms.. the nurses were extra nice, senyum pun lebih kekeke.. but i also heard mix reviews from frens yang penah amik fpp ni. aku ni dah selamat 2 org baru tahu ada fpp kat situ..

pHatMuMMy said...

suzie - thanks for the wish..

ika - harusla senyum lebih, kata 300 per night. haha. ermm, tambahla lagi satu, opt for fpp. ammar pun dh besar...hihi...

Ahmad Ikmal Rosli said...

RM 300 per night tu bukan untuk nurse yang senyum lebih ye. tu semua untuk charge bilik dan pakar u all pilih ^^ harap maklum. nurse just dapat gaji mcam nurse-nurse di wad biasa . hahahahaha

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