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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Putrajaya Treasure Hunt 2011 many things to record but yet so little time to do it...

I haven't share about Sara's birthday yet, her developments and soo much more but have to save that for another day. Right now, I'm in the mood of updating about our latest adventure. Me, hubby and my sister joined the Putrajaya Treasure Hunt 2011!! Our achievement, well, ehem, we were beginners!! Hehe, nampak sangat performance memang tak best.

The day began early, we were already at the Perbadanan Putrajaya at 7.15am. We were team 131 and our group name is Ya-ya (creative, right? *rolls eyes*). I have lots of things to share about the hunt but as I've said before, too much things to do and too little time :(

Anyway, the MVP of our team for that day is my dear sister, Yanie. She ate these: (it was part of the challenge)

Pic credit to here

Now I know who to team with if I ever join Explorace or The Amazing Race. Sorry Cashu, you're out :)


mamaNoriz said...

wow....impressed la larat msuk treasure hunt tu wlupun beginner je...bukan senang pun kan...
& double impressed coz adik u sanggup mkn menatang tu...auwwww..

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