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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

eenie meenie myni moe

If it were up to you..

Would you rather someone who make promises but sometimes falls short,
Or someone who promises but keeping it, no they will not.

Would you rather someone who pretends to be something they are not,
Only to realize they are not as good as we thought.

Would you be so eager to change, thinking that the current is so impaired,
but whose to say that the change is for the better when the current is the best we had.

Would you rather stake your fate in the hands of an accuser,
or in the hands of the unfortunate accused?
because in accusing, you can't help but to do what you accuse the other person of doing.

We can complaint all we want,
but until we are in the shoes of people we are complaining about,
only then we will understand that they are actually doing their best,
and we would have done the same.

Eenie meenie myni moe,
Catch the liar by the toe,
If he hollers, let him be,
My mother says pick the best one,
Eenie meenie myni moe.
If it was really as simple as that :)

Change? Are you sure the so-called change is gonna be better?
Nah, I think I'm good. For now.


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