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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where is Adlyna Qaisara?

Wow. Sara is now officially 8 months (well, 8 months and 4 days to be exact). How time flies *sigh*. And her newest and most recent habits are:

1) She loves sticking out her tongue. In fact, she can copy any sound we make using her lips and tongue i.e the kissing sound, the hissing sound.

2) She still loves her bath time. And now, she can sit in her tub. She loves splashing the water and get Mommy all wet.
3) She still loves to eat and still NEVER spat out her food. Gotta love her for that :)
4) She still cries when left alone - budak manja
5) She can sit unassisted BUT only when somebody propped her into sitting position. She can't bring herself from all fours to sitting YET.
6) She still doesn't crawl or move forward or backward. Seems like her development is more on the mental side rather than the physical side
7) She looovvveeessss to dance (by dance, I mean rocking back and forth) to music Nenek or mommy makes. Haha.
8) She knows aeroplane, cats and birds. She will look up if we say "Sara, look at aeroplane" or "Sara, bird.." and she'll look down underneath the car if we say "Sara, where's the cat?" (the cat always sleeps under the car).

and the most cutest thing of all is when we ask her "Where is Adlyna Qaisara?" she will proudly pat her chest as if to say "I am Adlyna Qaisara". It's beyond cuteness, I tell ya... Check out the video below :)

sorry for the tilt-your-head video, mommy is not very good at using camera ;p


noniey said...

asal video ko terbalik plak tu.. huhu

noniey said...

walaupun video tu terbalik, tapi comel lah sara ni.. hehehe

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