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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Second appointment as FPP in Hospital Putrajaya

My second appointment wih Dr Hamidah went well. Although I did have to wait for a while since she's performing an operation.

Its true what pinkertonic and ryyhan said, she'll spend more time with you once you reach towards the end of you pregnancy. She perform the ultrasound scan and Alhamdulillah, everything appears to be in good condition. Dr Hamidah said that it appears that this baby is gonna be slightly smaller than Sara (Yes!! Tak sia-sia control makan).

She also said that this time, they are not going to allow post-date (meaning : if I still haven't give birth by 19th October, I'd have to get induced) and I am somewhat relieved by that. Part of the reason I'm totally okay with being induced is that I'm having difficulty to even walk nowadays. I get tired easily and even walking has become quite a chore.

I gained only 300gm for this past two weeks (What?? Yeah, I don't believe it either). Haha. Probably due to the fact that I haven't been able to eat properly for the last 5 days (remember the annoying wisdom tooth that decided to show up?)

This is latest picture of me (of my tummy actually, my face is too wide nowadays, it would take up the whole desktop ;p) at nine months. Slightly smaller than my previous pregnancy, I must say *pats shoulder* :)

Oh, the other day I totally made a fool of know how they say that when you're pregnant you have this baby brain (the tendency to become forgetful, fuzzy memories)...hihi...well, they are true (for me at least).

I parked my car in front of a Shell kiosk, locked the door and went inside to buy the chocolate I promised for Sara. I paid for the chocolate and went outside, pressed my car key and CONFIDENTLY opened the car door. I remember thinking "Hmm, the car door handle looks different today"

As I was about to enter the car, I noticed that not only the handle was different, the whole interior was different too. I took a step back and wonder everything looks different, it was a silver Perodua Myvi while yours truly is driving a silver Hyundai Getz.

Since there are quite a few people around the car (and maybe the owner too *gasp*), I avoid any kind of eye contact and sheepishly said "Oops, tersalah pulak.." and with the tiny shred of dignity I have left, I walked to my car, start the engine and drove away from the embarrassing scene.

Here's a picture of a Myvi door handle and Getz door handle. Even a blind man can feel the difference (and I have been driving my Getz for more than 5 years!!)

On the left is Myvi and the green one is Getz. Image googled.


Suzie said...

that's funny..haha..but it's true not only masa pregnant tau even now pun i become forgetful person or i must say i dah mcm lambat pick up >_< too bad!hope it'll last bcoz my hubby pun notice that

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