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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sara's great grandfather passed away....

On Sunday, my grandfather passed away. He was the only grandparent left after the death of my beloved "tok", "atuk" and "wan". We were all shocked as he didn't have any serious illness at all. But I guess, everything happens for a reason and we have to look for the silver lining...

My grandfather was a typical grandfather. He appears very grumpy and silent but he spoils me very much when I was a little kid (I basically grew up with my grandparents). I still remember, he bought me my first dictionary (the one with large picture in the middle and tiny pics around it) when I was in primary school. He always massages me to get me to sleep and he often brought me to his place in Beserah (near the beach) where I would play on the swing and pray that none of the animals there (cats, chicken etc) will come near me (I'm terrified of animals)

My mom said that he used to send me to school when I was 7-8 years old. One day, I didn't "salam" and kiss him as usual and he felt sad and ask if he did anything wrong. My grandpa. Asking my mom whether he did anything wrong to me. After checking with my grandma, my mom knew that I was mad with him for cutting my nails too short (I always hate it when people cut my nails too short)-mengada betul! Anyway, mom made me apologize and kiss him. Hihi, we made peace instantly.

He was the one that us family turns to when I am down with fever (he would recite some doa and made me "air jampi"). He was the one that made spoke on my family's behalf during my engagement and merisik. He was the one that made my air selusuh. He has been there through it all and I'm glad that Sara got to know him even if it's a short one.

We grew apart as time grows by. It makes me sad that I can't maintain a close relationship with him but things happen. Lots of things. Aki, I want you to know that I do love you. For all that you have been and for all that you are...I love you and semoga Aki ditempatkan di kalangan orang yang soleh....Amin....


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