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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sara : The delivery

Hi everyone! On 11th January 2009, I became the proud mother of Adlyna Qaisara (Sara). I use to hate those parents who swear that their offspring is the cutest and most gorgeous baby but my Sara IS the cutest and the most gorgeous baby girl I’ve ever laid eyes on. Seriously. Heh.

Anyway, I was admitted to the hospital on 8th of January 2009. My precious Sara was supposed to be born by end of December but for some reason, she found it too comfortable to leave Mommy’s tummy. After two induces, my contraction is still too far apart and wasn’t strong enough. On 10th January 2009, the doctor decided that Sara is taking too long and decided to break my waterbag. It sounded quite scary and gruesome but to tell you the truth, it doesn’t feel a thing. I don’t know whether it’s because I have a high tolerance towards pain or it really doesn’t hurt but even the doctors commented that it is sort of weird that I didn’t scream or even whimper during the procedure.

At 4.30pm, I was transferred to the labor room. Mind you, I didn’t feel any pain or any contraction during the time. I was then strapped into a machine to monitor my contraction and Sara’s heartbeat. I was given another induce through IV drip and a gas mask containing some sort of painkiller to be taken if I feel the pain becomes too unbearable. A male doctor came (and apparently he’s the specialist for the day) and check my opening (2cm) and gave me 4 hours to try and deliver the baby normally. If by 4 hours, my opening does not exceed 8cm, he’ll perform caesarian to get the baby out. I have nothing against the procedure, but I have always wanted to deliver my first baby normally. I wanted to feel all the pain and be able to tell and brag about it afterwards. Heh.

At four hours (and with the help of a female doctor and a nurse who understands my need to deliver this baby normally), my opening was only 7cm. Luckily, since the baby’s heartbeat is still okay, the male doctor decided to give me another 2 hours. I’m sure many of you will think that I am in agonizing pain but really I’m not in such a pain at all. I only took two inhale of the gas mask they provided. Even the nurse asks me to take the gas more frequently but like I told you, I don’t feel the excruciating pain. Yet. At 12.45am, I started to feel stronger contraction and took the gas once.

At 1.00am, the nurse went in and woke me from my pain-induced slumber and asked me to push. I was like “What?! Push? Now?” My darling husband who was right beside me from 4.30pm was also shocked. Shortly afterwards, the doctors came and yelling ensues. Heh. Not from me, mind you. All the doctors (I lost count after 5 doctors and nurses came in and out of the room) were yelling to me on top of their lungs instructing me to push and whatnot. The PROBLEM is, I AM NOT FEELING ANY CONTRACTION. My contraction only occurs once every ten minutes. How am I supposed to push when I am not feeling any contraction? Huh? It’s like forcing yourself to crap when you don’t feel like crapping. Heh.

My beloved parents, sisters and in-laws who were outside the labor room since 4.30pm who were also exhausted and worried as they can hear all the yelling from inside the labor room. My mom was reduced to tears and we had everybody worried. At 1.25 am, the baby’s heartbeat weakens, and the doctor decided to use the vacuum. I wasn’t afraid for me, I was more worried about the baby and agreed with whatever they are about to do, as long as the baby is safe. My husband was asked to leave the room. I heard snips of scissors. I feel a strong contraction coming, I pushed with all my might (of course the vacuum helped) and with two pushes, Sara popped out of me at exactly 1.31 am. She didn’t cry due to lack of oxygen so I only got a glimpse of her then the doctor took her away to give her oxygen. So there I was, all alone with no baby and husband to endure the pain of stitches. The doctor certainly took her time stitching me up as I was not yet finished by 2.00 am.

Here, I lost track of time. I remembered my husband telling me that the baby is okay and it’s a girl (we know beforehand that it’s a girl so it doesn’t surprise me). At the time, I drifted in and out of sleep dreaming bloody dreams of hands in my uterus. Heh. I really needed to see the baby to help me forget the trauma I just experienced. At 4.30 am, a nurse came and brought to me my precious baby. And you know all the things people say about how you forget the pain of giving birth melts away once you see your baby? Well, I’m happy to report that it’s true. Seeing the tiny little face with the cute tiny little hands reaching out to you is like magic. Sara weighs a whopping 3.66kg and 51cm in length.

Upon seeing her, me and hubby was like, Wow! She's really cute. Not because she's our child, but SHE IS REALLY CUTE. Heh. So there you have it, the story of how my precious Sara was born into the world . And to prove that she really is the cutest baby in the world, take a look at this pic. Hihi. (And if you don't think she's cute, go have your eyes checked but please, just agree with me that she's cute. Humor me. Heh.)


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